SunStone - Angel of Personal Strength

SunStone - Angel of Personal Strength
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Hand crafted, blessed healing angel pendant. Natural gemstone and crystal - measures approximately 1 inch in length.

Gemstone Properties: Sunstone will give you personal strength, will, life energy and desire to fight all possible problems. Wearing sunstone will always keep you in a good mood. This is a proven anti-depressive tool, and it will encourage you to take a step farther, to celebrate your own achievements. It will help you relax and enjoy life, and once relaxed it will help you make additional steps toward your true nature, toward what you really are.

Healing Attributes: Sunstone can help in fighting digestive problems or problems with the throat, spine or rheumatism related issues. Alleviates stress and depression, It will help you increase your energy level, health and physical strength.



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