Peridot - Angel of Wisdom and Enlightenment

Peridot - Angel of Wisdom and Enlightenment
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Hand crafted, blessed healing angel pendant. Natural gemstone and crystal - measures approximately 1 inch in length.

Gemstone Properties: Peridot is thought to strengthen life, bring about prosperity, growth, and increase openness. The peridot is said to bring wisdom and enlightenment. It is also believed to help one to understand relationships, and to alleviate depression, anger, fear, jealousy and anxiety.

Healing Attributes: Peridot is an excellent healing stone, acting as a "tonic" to both strengthen and regenerate the body. Peridot has been used traditionally to heal the heart, spleen, lungs and digestive tract.  It has been successful in healing and relieving pain from stomach ulcers.  During birth it is also helpful in stimulating contractions. Peridot is useful in regulating all physical cycles.



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