Archangel Stone Casting Set

Archangel Stone Casting Set
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Welcome to the fascinating  mystical journey of the ancient art of  stone casting. Stone casting is a form of predicting or clarifying current and/or future events.

This method of fortunetelling has been lost over the ages; however, many are now being guided to use this tool.

This set will grow with you to where you will become very proficient in “reading” stones.  Similar to using rune stones, this stone casting set is angelically based in its guidance.

Each stone uniquely represents a specific Archangel: Michael, Raphael, Jeremiel, Raziel, Gabriel, Haniel, Azrael, Ariel, and your guardian angel. These angels will give guidance regarding love, money, health, endings & beginnings, emotions, and challenges. 

This beginner set will teach you the basics of stone casting and interpreting. This set includes an Enochian based cloth, 9 stones,  a pouch to keep your stones in and detailed instructions.

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